Here’s what some of the parents have said about Cadenza:

  • Engaging, educational, fun and friendly! Children enjoy and grow in confidence with Helen’s teaching.
  • We LOVE this class! Helen is energetic and fun and includes a variety of different sections. It has taught us songs to sing together at home. We especially like the puppets.
  • It’s a highlight of our week – the singing, actions, movements are things we like doing at home too. It means we have lots of fun times based around music
    Nikki T
  • I started with my baby at 3 months – although she can’t sing yet she is always completely engrossed in what’s happening. She loves the music and learns from watching older children. Nothing else holds her attention for 45 minutes! We love it!
    Emily Quer-Lurth
  • Helen’s classes are great fun, but they are also a very powerful tool for my child’s development. My son’s first words were “Row-ba” (Row Your Boat) and “choo choo” (the train from the Choo Choo song) and he also learned to clap there. The classes are great and enjoyable and are the highlight of the week.
    Annie Castle
  • I can not recommend Helen highly enough. Her songs and enthusiasm bring joy to the children and the adults!
    Charles Cooper – father of Isabelle Aged 2.
  • I have been bringing my daughter to Helen’s class since she was 12 weeks old. She is now 13 months and can do all the actions! We LOVE it!¬†Highlight of every week!
  • My son and I have been coming to Helen’s music classes since he was 4 months old. At 13months he has started doing the actions to the songs and gets very excited when I play Helen’s CDs. It is also a great distraction for William in the car! Thanks Helen
  • Sebastian has been coming to Cadenza from 3 months – he is now 2 1/2. I strongly believe it has had a positive effect on his development, in particular his speech and ¬†confidence as he is a naturally shy boy.
  • My little boy looks forward to his weekly music classes and loves joining in with the songs and actions and playing musical instruments.
  • I’m a child minder and have been bringing the kids under my care for 3 years, and the skills they have learned have benefited them enormously. Well done! Keep it up!
    P Rogers
  • Madison loves copying Helen and has started singing at home too! Thanks
  • My daughter is blind and it usually takes time for her to get used to new environments, but I see she immediately enjoyed the class. We will definitely be coming again. Thanks!
  • My daughter Emma (14 months) loves Helen’s music very much. She gained so much confidence thanks to the classes. Many thanks!!
  • Helen’s classes are just marvellous for my little ones and myself. We speak Spanish at home, but my baby has learned most of his English from Helen’s songs. Big big thanks to her. Muchas Gracias!
  • Chloe loves coming to Helen’s music class. She gets excited when we arrive. At home she sings all the time and does all the actions.
  • It has become a really enjoyable part of both our weeks. I was surprised by how quickly my daughter recognised the songs and started to join in and sing at home. We’ve been coming since she was 7 months and now she’s nearly two she loves music and singing. I would recommend this to everyone.
    Tania Neumann
  • My little boy loves Helen’s music classes and now really enjoys joining in.I am a nanny who looks after 3 and 4 year old boys. They have developed their language with Helen’s songs and they were shy before, but the taking part in the music has given them confidence to play and listen to the sounds of music.
    S Piuri
  • My daughter really likes Helen and her class. She enjoys the music so much. Thank you Helen. Akiko & Sophia
  • I’m a child minder and have been bringing the kids under my care for 3 years, and the skills they have learned have benefited them enormously. Well done! Keep it up!
    P Rogers
  • Isabella, Scarlett, Maximo and Lola all love Helen’s class. The whole week they keep asking me are we going to see Helen today Mummy. Maximo’s confidedence has improved a lot and he loves participating.
  • I have been taking Sophie to Helen’s music class for nearly 2 years now and she still LOVES it. Helen is great with the kids and always manages to control the class full of babies and toddlers.
  • “Helen was amazing at Piers’ 4th birthday party. He and his friends were entranced with the singing, dancing and musical instruments. Helen’s entertainment was welcomed by all.”
    Michaela Carmichael, Stockwell
  • Jonathan has been coming to Helen’s class since he was a baby – he is now almost 3. It is brilliant fun for little ones and mummies too!Katherine – mum of 3.
  • Dolly started Cadenza when she was just 6 months old and she has just had her 3rd birthday. Right from her first session her delight in the class was obvious. Helen was so fantastic with all the children and goes beyond the basic, introducing the children to musical words and concepts which surprisingly young children learn because it is all such fun. Cadenza has been brilliant for Dolly and we highly recommend it.
    Karen Reader, Dolly’s Auntie
  • Both my children are learning to love music and it’s an important start in their lives.
  • The classes are fun and lively and my daughter loves them.
  • Both my children have been to Helen’s music classes since they were 6 months old and have always loved it. The puppet section has always been a favourite part and from a very young age loved to sing and could hold a tune. Really has been an excellent introduction to music.
  • Helen has the ability to keep both of my boys engaged and entertained for the entire class, with the introduction to different instruments and musical “words”. The puppets and magic are a treat for both the kids and the adults.
    Tina – mum to Yuvraj and Veet
  • It’s great fun for the children and the adults. The children learn lots of songs and lear to listen to music and to perform.
    Sally Rickett
  • I thoroughly recommend Helen’s music classes. Both of my children have loved attending and the CDs are their favourites!

Helen also teaches in several Ofsted regulated nurseries in addition to her Cadenza classes and regularly receives glowing reports from Ofsted inspectors on the educational benefits of her classes.