Helen Smith ARCM, London mum and former pupil of the Royal College of Music has worked with children for over 25 years, and in that time has quite literally introduced thousands of children to the joys of music. Helen says “I have seen at first-hand the enormous pleasure that music gives children and the benefits that brings.  Interacting with music from a young age builds confidence in children, and many of my pupils end up as the stars of the annual nativity play once they reach school!”

Helen plays both trumpet and clarinet to concert standard, and plays many other wind instruments. Helen believes that what she does is quite unique in the children’s music market. She explains, “My classical background sets me apart from others.  In the Cadenza classes I play proper instruments including trumpet, recorder and clarinet.   The children listen and watch with fascination at the different sounds these instruments make.  They join in with a variety of percussion instruments and I encourage them to listen to the beat and the tempo of the music as they do. My classes are not about just about making a noise and blowing off steam in church hall – it’s a more meaningful and educational experience.”

Helen believes in reaching out to children as equals. “If you give a child limitations… it will reach them!” so she mixes the age groups to stretch the younger ones.

She goes on “It has been said many times that music is as natural to children as breathing, eating and sleeping. Every child can enjoy rhythm and most take great delight in creating different sounds, either with an instrument or with their voices. Research has even shown that learning with music is more readily absorbed by children and transfers to the long-term memory better.  It has been shown to have a positive effect on a variety of skills including reading, maths and science, team working and social skills, problem solving, artistic ability and even tidiness! So, sing to your baby, encourage musicality and you are giving them a gift for life!”