About Me

Helen Smith ARCM, London mum and former pupil of the Royal College of Music has worked with children for over 25 years.

During that time she has introduced thousands of children to the joys of music, and has seen first hand the pleasure it brings. Her classes incorporate fun, learning, and percussion along with puppets and magic to make music accessible to even the youngest of ears!

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Music & Lyrics

Helen Smith ARCM is pleased to announce the release of “Singalong with Helen” Vol 1-4, now available to download through iTunes, Amazon, play.com and many more.

The collections contain more than 200 childrens tunes and nursery rhymes. Each album is a mix of the traditional and the new, and have several of Helen’s own compositions.

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Cadenza Classes

Cadenza classes are West London’s brightest and most interactive music lessons. At Cadenza, children learn singing, clapping in time and other musical skills, with the help of Helen’s collection of lovable puppets!
The classes combine much-loved favourites such as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old MacDonald’ with Helen’s own fantastic compositions.

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